Friday, 18 April 2014


Hey look! I found the blog again....

Apologies as work has been very busy and we've been busy looking in to events to run.

Which brings me to:
We are delighted to announce that Vonwar will be running the 40K Event at the Attack! Wargames Show in Devizes this year. This event is in its 35th year and is organised by our friends at the DDWG and runs on the weekend of 19/20 July 2014. Details of the show and the DDWG can be found here:

To ease our way in this year we are offering 2 single day events:
Old Skool
3 games at 1500 points

3 games at descending points 1650-1150-650

We have 30 places available for each event and you are, of course, quite welcome - nay encouraged - to enter both

Single Events cost £10 and we have a special discount cost of £16 to enter both events. Entry in to the Show for the day(s) of your chosen event is included in your ticket price.

Pack can be grabbed via email

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